Topics Source Links
 The right of return UN Resolution 194
Israel maps over time
Peres discusses return as impossible
 Water Fight
Nuclear Desalinization (LaRouche)
 The Big Dig Another Bridge discussion: 200M or 10B?
Article 10
1995 Interim Safe Passage Map
 Jerusalem Prospects of a Shared Jerusalem (4_05_2001)
Jerusalem Quarterly Journal
 The Settlements Foundation for Middle East peace
Importing from Argentina
Bring the settlers Home petition
 Peace Groups Gush Shalom
Peace in the Mideast
Rabbis for Human Rights
Women in Black
New Profile
Peace Now
Courage to Refuse
Jewish Voice for Peace (warning: seeks divestment)
Brit Tzedek V Shalom
Support Sanity
 Anti Peace Groups Gamla
Church of Rabin and Peace (CRAP)
Women in Green
 Utility Functions in operation Casino leads to cooperation.
Role of Business in Mideast Peace
Cost of war to israel economy 1
Iraq War Estimates from $200B to $2T
Steiglitz estimates $3T
Academy of Arts & Sciences Report on Iraq war Costs
ROI in terms of cheaper oil.
National Review says war is economically ok!
Graph of Israeli lives lost
Graph of Israeli Tourism
 Other Peace Plans Camp David
Olso Accords
Wye River
Mitchell Plan
Tenet Plan
Quartet plan (Annan, Powell, Ivanov, etc)
Bush's "Road Map"
International Crisis Group
Saudi Peace Plan
Jimmy Carter NYTIMES April 2002
Joseph Reid, retired engineer
Woodrow Wilson Center Chairman calls for Marshall Plan
Pax Christi Report on Post Oslo Situation
Geneva Accords
IsraelInsider Summary of Plans
 Anti Peace Plans Benny Elon "Peace Through Expulsion"
Gamla's Blueprint for Expulsion
Yesha Council Plan
Construction Organizations Army Corp of Engineers
Boston's BigDig
Zanaqua (desalinization)
GE Water (Desalinization)
Palestine Infrastructure agency